Who is Shae Design Studio?

Our foundation in design

Working as a design coordinator with several construction companies in Knoxville, Shae Seeber noticed a gap in the design process. “I was helping construction companies, developers and builders make beautiful homes and then had to watch them put the cheapest MDF cabinets throughout the home to meet budget”. She used to joke with friends about starting her own cabinet company after each job, until one day she thought “why not?” Shae started the Shae Design Studio. With low overhead, she is able to give those same builders, home buyers, and re-modelers the opportunity to put beautifully crafted solid wood cabinets in their homes at wholesale prices.

“Ultimately, I wanted to give the family living in the home cabinets that would not only stand the test of time but look beautiful and function well”. With a background in Interior Design and Construction, she holds the tools needed to create evocative spaces that come alive with spirit and character, but also functionality and utility.

More than your average cabinet company

As a local, women owned business, you are not getting a 1-800 number. We are not a big box store, and we do not view our customers as dollar signs. Every job is important because as designers, our passion is to create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and cater to the needs of the user. But our services do not stop at design; our company boasts designers with a broad range of experience and expertise. Shae began her company with quality, utility and beauty in mind and handpicked Interior Designers with her same drive and passion. All offering unique backgrounds as Shae has, one of our designers will be able to answer questions and solve problems in any aspect of your home renovation or construction. You are getting a personalized experience from educated, trained, and professional designers.

Our process

The design process is of the utmost importance to us. We aren’t about the hard sale; it’s not about selling the box, it is about creating the best design catered to each individual home owner. Big box stores want to sell you their pre-designed kitchens, fast. But residential design is personal and intimate. This is the place that your family gathers, that memories are made and relationships are built. Each job, each story and each family becomes part of the Shae designs family and we value the time spent. We take the time to consider how you use your kitchen, and cater every decision in your design based on your usage of the space. We double measure each kitchen because we want to make sure that each personalized design fits within the space and correct any errors before the installation process begins.

We are a small, local company with big dreams. We do not have the large budget to spend on advertising and marketing so we rely on our clients for referrals. We never leave a job with an unhappy client: we keep our promises, fix our mistakes, and build beautiful spaces. And most of all, we want your home to feel like home.


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