5 Ways To Get Out Of A Design Rut

Are you in a design rut? Racking your brain on what to do with that blank wall or how to layout your living room furniture? Well, worry no more, because Shae Designs is here to help. As interior designers and décor lovers, there is no worse feeling than just being absolutely stuck on what to do with a space! Hitting a creative road block of any capacity can be extremely frustrating. Trust us… We know the feeling! But these road blocks are not impossible to overcome, which is why we are sharing our 5 tried-and-true tips on how to get yourself out of that design rut.
1. Find Inspiration
Going to Social Media, Pinterest, or looking at a portfolio of a designer you admire can be a quick way to spark some inspiration.
2. Go on Home Tours
Look at your local real estate listings for home tours and take a peek inside other spaces. Sometimes seeing how others are designing spaces in your area can be a good place to start if you’re feeling stuck.
3. Rearrange
Swapping out accessories or playing musical chairs with your furniture can be a great (and sometimes fun when you ask others to help!) way to revamp your space and great your creative juices going again. We also recommend looking into furniture sliders if you are planning to move heavier furniture by yourself to prevent straining and scratching your floors.
4. Take a Break
Sometimes walking away from the space or getting away for a little bit can really do the trick. Your creative juices are running low, so take a break and give yourself time to refresh. You will be surprised by how just walking away and coming back will help you to gain clarity and a new sense of inspiration.
5. Ask the Experts
It doesn’t get easier than this, folks. Sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to find the inspiration and ideas you have been looking for. So why not call in reinforcement from the people who do it best? Here at Shae Design Studio, we want to come to you and walk your space with you. You can make a quick and painless home consultation and we will take it from there. Based on your own goals for your space, you can expect us to imagine a whole range of ideas on how to revamp your space or even just give you the inspiration and décor ideas you have been looking for.
Let us help you get out of that tricky design rut! Click below to call and schedule your home consultation with one of our experienced interior stylists today.