Our Team



Shae Seeber | Owner, Lead Interior Designer

Shae Seeber is the designer the people of Knoxville, Tennessee are taking notice of. Shae has been taking Knoxville by storm with her hands-on skills and creative eye. Shae is gifted with the ability to create works of unparalleled sophistication and richness. Shae has been in the construction and remodeling for 12 years. Shae has a desire to offer clients quality cabinetry, lighting, furnishings, and consult clients on everything needed for the design. What has set Shae apart from all the other designers is her ability to get into every aspect of her construction projects. Her willingness to get her hands dirty gives Shae’s clients peace of mind, knowing she will be totally involved in executing their design projects. Her unique design ideas and artistic view will continue to propel her in the design world.


Sasha | Interior Designer

With a Bachelor’s in Design from the University of Florida and Masters in Architecture from the University of California, Sasha’s education and extensive architectural experience makes her an asset to any design project. While living in Santa Monica, some of Sasha’s noteworthy projects were working with firms renovating LAX International Airport, projects at The Row, a celebrity clothing line, and projects for boutiques on Melrose, with high profile actors. Ready for a new adventure and a small town vibe, Sasha packed up her bags, her luxury background, relocated to Knoxville, TN and found her niche at Shae Design Studio.

She is “quick on her toes” and able to draw designs in any given moment. Sasha is highly sought after, especially for higher end projects. Well known for her technological background using AutoCAD, Photoshop and SketchUp, Sasha can render entire floor plans in 3D, adding or removing walls, reconfiguring spaces and presenting realistic models of a renovation, furniture and all!

Sasha is as skilled in the start of design as she is in choosing finishes such as tile, flooring, lighting and anything to do with kitchen design and renovations. She truly does it all.


Olivia | Interior Designer

With a degree in Fashion Design from the Art Institute of Nashville, combined with a lifetime of love for interior design, Olivia is well-versed in the world of style and design. Growing up, Olivia was first introduced to design by her mother, who attended design school. Together, they made a habit of rearranging and redecorating their home. Thus began Olivia’s passion for renovation projects, beautiful interiors, and seeing designs come to life.

Olivia will take a tactical and collaborative approach to design, which allows each of her projects to maximize the space and function and also speak to her client’s own interests and lifestyle. Her goal is to design the space you have been dreaming of, down to every detail.  Olivia is especially skilled in 3D renderings, space planning and determining the best layouts, selecting furniture, fabrics, rugs, accessories and finishing touches. She values cutting edge ideas and thinking outside of the box, which often results in creating completely custom designs for her clients.

Olivia loves to draw inspiration from the fashion industry to influence her own interior design style and to also forecast design trends on the rise. She has a knack for not only helping clients choose the right functionality for a space, but also making a design truly feel like your home. With an apparent passion and talent for interior design, Olivia is a designer you can trust to get the job done and far exceed your expectations.


Kristen | Interior Designer

With a family history full of women who share a flare for design and beautiful interiors, Kristen’s love for design and textiles began at the young age of six, when her grandmother first taught her to sew. Kristen’s journey into the design and textile world began to flourish when she was selected as a Visual Merchandiser for Ralph Lauren. From there, she became infatuated with textile, dabbled in event planning and design,

Her lifetime of passion and design experience quickly evolved into a multifaceted knowledge and expertise of luxury design, fabrics and textiles, draperies, lighting, quality of craftsmanship, finishes, and custom work. Kristen’s design philosophy is that the home is a personal space not to be taken lightly, therefore the home needs to reflect the client, not the designer. She also believes that an informed buyer is a satisfied buyer. When it comes to furnishings and design, she believes that truly understanding the product and its quality are vital components for ensuring wise investments. And yes, she is speaking from experience! Her willingness to go above and beyond for each client she comes in contact with makes her a joy to work with and has resulted in Kristen never having an unsatisfied customer.

For inspiration, Kristen often looks to beautiful architecture or lavish textiles. Whether working on a full-scale design or selecting custom draperies, Kristen is able to explain craftsmanship, talk through price points, provide hand-selected design options, and exceed every expectation. With her wealth of knowledge and well-trained eye for design, Kristen is truly an asset to any design project.


Madison | Showroom Designer and Marketing Coordinator

With over 6 years of experience in fashion, marketing, and visual merchandising, her own style and lifestyle blog, and calligraphy business on the side, Madison has naturally developed an eye for style and design. Though she is a “Jack of all trades,” her affinity for interior design and decorating began with her mother, who is also an interior designer, and her uncle, who was the head of Visual Design for Neiman Marcus–so you could say it’s in her blood.

When it comes to interior design, Madison is very strategic in her plan for your space, with careful consideration of your lifestyle and budget. Her design philosophy is that though every space should have a truly beautiful and dynamic aesthetic, it should also be a reflection of who you are and your own interests. Madison defines her own design style as “timeless with a twist” and prides herself on her attention to detail and the ability to curate polished, yet functional, spaces.  She loves to help clients choose the right flow and layout of a space and to also introduce different patterns, textures, and colors into their homes with confidence. She believes that comfort comes first, but style is a close second. (Except when it comes to shoes…)

Madison often looks for design inspiration from other cultures, parts of the world, or times in history. As a creative, she uses her inspiration and design background to carefully curate versatile and sophisticated designs for every client. With a wide-range of talents, listening ears, a trained eye, and a true love for design, Madison is sure to put you at ease when helping make design decisions.

As the digital age is changing the design industry drastically, Madison has also been an integral part of Shae Design Studio’s online and marketing presence. With her knowledge and media expertise, Madison helps us share our ideas and make connections with other creatives and businesses to help each other succeed and be seen online.