About Us

Shae Seeber first entered the field of interior design working out of her home office in West Knoxville. She focused her work on helping homeowners make their selections for renovations, room redesigns, and much more. After several years of serving as a design coordinator, Shae Seeber noticed a major gap in the design process. “I was helping construction companies, developers and builders make beautiful homes and then had to watch them put the cheapest cabinets throughout the home to meet budget”. She used to joke with friends about starting her own cabinet company after each job, until one day she thought “why not?” Shae started Shae Design Studio. With low overhead, she is able to provide those same builders, home buyers, and re-modelers the opportunity to put beautifully crafted solid wood cabinets in their homes at wholesale prices. “Ultimately, I wanted to give homeowners cabinetry that would not only stand the test of time but look beautiful and function well”. With a background in Interior Design and Construction, she holds the tools needed to create evocative spaces that come alive with spirit and character, but also functionality and utility.

Shae continued working out of her home for several more years, helping home owners choose their cabinetry and renovate their kitchens and baths. Eventually she outgrew her space and opened her own kitchen and bath studio in West Knoxville. It was then that Shae Design Studio hit the Knoxville market by force! After spending only 2 years at that location, Shae’s studio continued growing and she decided to open a larger 10,000 sq ft of Kitchen cabinetry, furniture, lighting and accessories showroom.

Shae greatly values the design process and created a truly original process that sets her Design Studio Apart. She began her company with quality, utility and beauty in mind and handpicked Interior Designers with her same drive and passion. As designers, our passion is to create spaces that are functional, beautiful, and cater to the needs of the user. But our services do not stop at design; our company boasts designers with a broad range of experience and expertise. All offering unique backgrounds as Shae has, one of our designers will be able to answer questions and solve problems in any aspect of your home renovation or construction. You are getting a personalized experience from educated, trained, and professional designers.

“We are a small, local company with big dreams.